"Connecting the dots between small business and digital solutions."
UGH! Media LLC helps small businesses bridge the gap between digital solutions and cost.

Welcome to UGH! Media, LLC

UGH! Media LLC is a small business digital solutions agency that helps growing companies solve, find and connect with (practical) digital solutions!

Our goal is to help you figure out where those pesky and problematic (online) limitations exist in order to move forward and get them fixed.

Ultimately, UGH! Media LLC wants to be your one-stop shop for free how-tos, tips, small business trends, research data, and tool/app suggestions to help forgo outsourcing until its absolutely necessary.

So how does that help?

By saving small businesses tons of time, money, and headaches! Plus, we’re striving to be the one-stop shop for small business digital solutions to help nix additional time spent on searching for digital solutions and services!

How does that make UGH! Media different?

We aren’t a marketing or digital solutions agency! We connect the missing piece between small business and digital transformation solutions that are difficult to comprehend, find and afford!

In turn, we help small companies locate and simplify those solutions in one place (at no cost)!

In order to not have to charge, we’ve recently monetized our blog with ads (that aren’t intrusive and relate to various digital solutions). We also rely on input from other small businesses, take polls, and research to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies that can actually help small businesses. Heck, we even try out the tools we write about and run various tests of own. Then we take what we’ve learned and share it in our blog.

How do we help at no cost?!

In a nutshell, we host ads on our site that target digital solutions for small businesses. The ads help visitors learn about current and up-and-coming products/tools. They also help us to potentially form new partnerships or help us find new tools/services to research. Plus, new partnerships have the potential to turn into new affiliations…which can ultimately result in affiliate discounts for our visitors and small businesses!

Why we love what we do

Assisting small businesses to succeed online better is what fuels us! Our co-founders now how difficult it is to run small businesses in person and online all while keeping up with technology and marketing trends.

We also believe that it’s essential to help small businesses become better (digital) decision-makers and problem solvers, because as you grow, so do the technological needs. It’s inevitable.

Can digital solutions help any small business?


If you have a company that isn’t online, then you’re at a HUGE disadvantage if (even one of) your competitors are!

Here are a few examples of the online digital solution topics we cover/research:

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