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We’re a small business digital solutions agency that helps growing companies solve, find, and connect with (practical) digital solutions to help you figure out where pesky online limitations exist and fix them.

What makes UGH! Media different?

Most importantly, we aren’t one of those “marketing solutions agencies” trying to convince you to buy something that you don’t need or sell you a service that doesn’t make sense (in more ways than one) for your business. Actually, we don’t have any physical products to sell! We test and research digital solutions for small businesses and then share those through affiliate links, how-to articles, and more!

Side note, if you’re unsure of the service you need, but know what you want to improve, take our affiliate-finder quiz! P.S. No personal info required — answer 1-3 questions, and it’ll generate a suggestion and redirect you to a corresponding affiliate resource page on our site (you won’t get redirected). Easy peasy!

In other words…

We focus on small business productivity research, testing, and trendspotting. Then, we publish content based on our findings, research, or closely related categories like digital marketing, optimizing (WordPress) websites, improving productivity through cost-effective apps, or other (DIY) digital solutions.

Our goal

The goal here is to strategically save SME’s, entrepreneurs, and startups money, time, and resources.

For example, we stay afloat by being frugal ourselves, displaying a limited amount of ads (that deal with what we talk about), and some affiliate marketing here and there.

Why we focus on digital solutions

Ultimately, we have a passion for the small business and startup communities and understand that more barriers exist than (practical) assistance and solutions. We also know that bridging gaps helps to bring communities closer together. Then, by bringing more people together, science says that overall chances of success may even improve.

Below are some digital solutions we focus on:

How to find more info and tips:

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Although we specialize in digital solutions, as of Jan. 1, 2019, we no longer accept individual service requests. However, we do take inquiries/questions (see Contact Us page for more info).

Please note, this post does not establish a UGH! Media LLC-client relationship. It is for informational purposes only. For additional info, please refer to our disclaimer.