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UGH! Media Difference

We believe in being human by intentionally bridging communication gaps. Then, we combine that with the right digital solutions. As a result, you foster team success through engagement, less unnecessary work, and a boost in productivity!

UGH Media Digital Solution Finders and Testers

Well, we realize that more barriers exist than practical digital solutions. For example, like costly marketing agencies or SEO experts who over-promise, underdeliver, and disappear.

Goals of UGH Media

Furthermore, we work to strategically save businesses and entrepreneurs money and time through easily digestible content, research, and resources — for free. In addition, when you support/read our content, it keeps us afloat. We show display ads, participate in affiliate marketing, and write sponsored blog posts.

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Has UGH! Media’s content been recognized by other companies?

Yes! Our SEO Categories blog post is referenced in Chapter 4 of Content Marketing Strategies: Planning, Creating and Distributing Content by Wayne State University professor Nick Mattar! It’s a digital textbook with related courseware on content marketing through Stukent. As part of the author’s discussion on blogging best practices, he included our article titled Figure 4.4.8: Search Engine Optimization: SEO Categories Guide as an example!

To provide more context on how the post played a part in our content strategy, Jarred (UGH! Media’s Web Strategy Director) created two animations depicting the post’s corresponding infographic on Pinterest and its metrics from 7/23/21 to 1/19/22 (titled Figure UGH! Media’s SEO Categories Infographic on Pinterest). The second (titled Figure SEO Categories Infographic Outbound Clicks to Google Analytics), shows how the infographic’s Outbound Clicks from Pinterest flow into Google Analytics (GA).

As a result, the examples show how a single piece of content contributes to an overall marketing/content strategy! Click to view the scrolling GIF in Jarred Andrews’s Portfolio (#4 under “Web Strategy” tab) and here to see the content strategy in action (item #8 under the “Business Analysis” tab).

How is UGH! Media striving to be eco-friendly?

The easy answer is, in more ways than one! Click this link to get the specifics.?