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UGH Media 2021

2020: The Business Model Pivot is complete!

In June 2018, we switched things up and migrated to a freemium/advertising/affiliate site instead of a subscription/business services model.

Fast forward (or rewind) to March 2020.

Like so many other small businesses, COVID-19 changed SO MANY things. And not necessarily for the better. It even impacted 100% remote companies like UGH! Media.

What changed

Twitter: Although the account is still up, we decided to move on from that platform and focus on Pinterest. Unfortunately, we never anticipated the sheer volume of tweets that included “UGH, media” because of the political landscape.

Hey, you live, and you learn!

In response, we noted in our Twitter bio for fans to follow us on Pinterest instead.

Pinterest: So far, we’ve created a board for each category and plan to add a few more in 2021. (Follow us on Pinterest!)

The UGH! Media Website & Logo: Continue Reading “2020 Updates”

2020 Updates

Our small business website has launched!

The Business Pivot Continues in 2019!

Update: we are in full pivot mode!

Since June 2018 we’ve taken a leave from social media that’ll last until May 2019. Good news though, that’s a month earlier than expected! Woot!

We’ll also (along with the rest of the world) be closing our Google+ account because the network closes on 4/2/19. Since the closure will free up some time, we’ll start a new Pinterest account and also continue with Twitter. Since we don’t share the same small business content on each social network, here’s…

What to Expect on Each Social Media Channel:

Twitter: We use this account to share past/present UGH! Media small business blog posts. Plus, we share curated content that’s either trending or relevant to our community.

Pinterest: This will be our newb! We’re planning to not only create a board for each category, but also have them for infographics, charts, and maybe … Continue Reading “Business Pivot Continues in 2019”

Business Pivot Continues in 2019

UGH! Media Pivot

Our Business Model Pivot Begins!

At first, UGH! Media was initially a service-based business for individual clients.

Simultaneously, we had a knack for researching practical digital solutions.

In response to the contracting aspect, we decided to register the business as an LLC in 2017. However, we didn’t think about how to incorporate the digital solution research and testing component.

Why does that matter?

With those two things combined, it seemed to make us a cross between the Nickel-and-dime (à la carte) and a Freemium B2B business. Not good considering customers were confused on “what we are,” because let’s face it, we were also confused on how to expand the business in other directions while at the same time making sense to customers.

Ultimately, as we evolved (see timeline page for details), it was decided that a pivot toward a “hybrid” Advertising and Online Marketplace business model needed to happen.

Business Changes

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Our Business Model Pivot Begins!

Check out our digital solutions (for small businesses) blog!

Small Business Blog Launch!

It’s official, on 4/14/17, we launched our small business blog focused on digital business solutions! The 1st post is titled – “Small Business Owner Question: What is SEO?”

Above all, we decided to start with an SEO-related post because it’s a priority for many small businesses. After all, without SEO, websites have difficulty showing up in search results. Plus, what’s the point of having a site that can’t get found online?

What else we’ll blog about

At first, we plan to hone in on various areas of small business online/internet marketing, website optimization, blog writing, and more! After that, more categories will get added over time.

So what separates UGH! Media’s blog from other ones? Not only do we focus on small businesses, but we’ll give it a digital twist!

So what do we mean by that?

Well, many companies have become privy to problem-solving apps and are … Continue Reading “Small Business Blog Launch for Digital Solutions”

Small Business Blog Launch for Digital Solutions

Check out our small business digital solutions website!

Small Business Website

After 3 months of brainstorming, market research, and website design, our small business website has launched!

At first, the website was like any new site. It was minimalistic and had about five pages.

[UPDATED 01/01/2019]

Fast forward to 2019, and now there are over 100 (and growing)!

UGH! Media is All About Small Business Digital Solutions

At first, we offered digital solutions packages that helped clients one-on-one with SEO, SMO and Website Optimization. Our goal was to make each plan simplified, digestible and (priced) à la carte! However, during our à la carte trial, we discovered something.

Above all, scaling internet marketing services for other small businesses was grueling! Plus, it wasn’t sustainable with only two people (the co-founders). At that same time, both founders were amid a blog and social media launch too!

Also, it took about a year for them to realize what needed to happen. The only … Continue Reading “Small Business Website Launch!”

Small Business Website Launch!

The idea behind UGH! Media

The concept of UGH! Media started when both co-founders freelanced at separate small businesses and noticed a few growing trends:

  • The advice clients need (when it comes to the digital stuff) is always complicated
  • Small business technology, in general, will be a roadblock when trying to progress online if you aren’t willing to understand the basics and become more productive
  • Small businesses outsource services way too early when it comes to online/internet marketing and other digital solutions.

Why is that important?

Well, because technology isn’t going away!

Nowadays, small companies need digital solutions and advice catered to their business while they grow an online presence and establish authority. Ideally, all of that needs to be done before outsourcing!

How will that help?

When a client outsources, they usually end up paying a pretty penny for things like:

Continue Reading “A Small Business Idea is Born: UGH! Media”

A Small Business Idea is Born: UGH! Media