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SMO (Social Media Optimization) 101: Where to Begin

Where to start with social media optimization (SMO)
Need some help with Social Media Optimization (SMO) and not sure where to start?

The lowdown: What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization (AKA: SMO) exists to help fine-tune social media profiles and other marketing efforts.

For example, SMO helps with:

  • Finding ways to ensure that all contact info gets updated on every profile when any change happens
  • Ensuring that business profiles are consistent across other networks, while at the same time not sharing the same content everywhere
  • Helping to hone in on how you want to use each social media network based on their overall demographic
  • Making sure that social media profiles remain connected to websites
  • Setting up ways to track analytics on social media marketing campaigns based on KPIs

And that’s not all!

Are you familiar with the ever-changing landscape of social media? What about how to connect the dots between your social media profiles and websites, analytics, etc.?

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Where to start with Social Media Optimization