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What is Website Optimization and Where to Begin

Improve Visitor Experience and Website Ranking with Website Optimization
Website Optimization is used to help improve your visitor experience and boost website rankings over time. Below we cover 6 areas to improve and how to do it.

What is Website Optimization?

Website Optimization is the combined effort of improving website speed, images, creating quality content, using relevant internal links, keyword research, and more to improve website ranking.

Sound like a lot?

It is! Site analysis, optimization, tracking, and testing isn’t easy! Which is why many suggest to optimize gradually and focus on one or two areas that need to be improved. Then, once you successfully improve something, move on to the next thing. Ultimately, narrowing your focus makes it easier to track progress, changes, make slight adjustments to your optimization plan if necessary, etc.

Staying up to date

Now, if you’re keeping up-to-date on social network improvements, search engine updates, and new tools and technology, then your website ranking goals should become … Read More

What is Website Optimization and Where to Begin