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Beginners Guide to Website Hosting

Website Hosting Guide
If you’re having trouble deciding on a web hosting company, keep reading! Also, no coding required!

How I got introduced to website hosting

Before I started a virtual consultancy, a bit LOT of freelancing ensued! At first, I mostly helped small businesses with event planning, day-of coordination feats, sales, etc. As time progressed, the event planning took a (digital) turn which started to incorporate social media, website hosting, and a few other things.

In the early days of social media, you could only access your profiles via an actual computer. So when helping companies “way back” then, if you knew how to use social media, the assumption was that you knew EVERYTHING about computers too. Thankfully, that led to some great discoveries!

During one of those “discoveries,” I learned about website hosting.

One day I went to add some social links on a company’s website, and to my surprise, the site was offline … Read More “Beginners Guide to Website Hosting”

Beginners Guide to Website Hosting