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Practical small business digital solutions, how-tos, and more

UGH! Media reviews, researches, refers, and blogs about practical small business digital solutions.
UGH! Media is all about helping small businesses integrate and acclimate to the ever-changing online world.

We strive to help small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs

We focus on practical digital solutions for businesses on a budget!

Ultimately, we do the research, tool testing, and experiential learning. Then, provide step-by-step guides, suggestions, and reviews in our blog (and infographics on Pinterest)!

Other ways we help small businesses (and the planet!)

Not only are we striving to be a one-stop-shop for practical digital solutions, but we (continually) work toward being 100% green in the following ways:

  1. Our web host, GreenGeeks (confirmation badge at bottom of page), is eco-friendly
  2. We use LEDs everywhere
  3. We have been paper-free since 2019
  4. We are 100% remote

What else do we do?

Our other priority is to help small businesses save time and money. So, to accomplish that, we don’t have any fees, and we keep the website going by showing ads here and there. We also have a growing list of affiliate partnerships for the apps/tools we research, support, and write about.

Where we are located

UGH! Media was a 100% distributed (AKA remote) company based in Pittsburgh, PA. On 9/3/21, UGH! Media filed for a voluntary LLC dissolution.

What to do next

Fix common digital marketing roadblocks via our blog!

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