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UGH! Media reviews, researches, refers, and blogs about practical small business digital solutions.
UGH! Media is all about helping small businesses integrate and acclimate to the ever-changing online world.

What We Do: Small Business Ideas and Digital Solutions

We have a love for small business ideas, how-tos, and digital solutions that are practical, because online business (digital) solutions are pricey! Plus, many online marketing companies focus on mid and enterprise-sized corporations and not small businesses.

Our focus is on helping small businesses improve their online visibility by providing DIY solutions to common roadblocks that come along with growth. Not only that, but for the more complex issues, we research and review companies, digital tools, and apps that offer practical digital solutions that small businesses can use with ease.

Other Ways We Help Small Business

UGH! Media’s aims to be the one-stop shop for practical digital solution how-tos, tips, business ideas, research, and referrals.

We do that by keeping up-to-date with new technology, trends, and the many changes happening within the online marketing sector that impact small businesses.

In other words, our research gets translated into blogs, reviews, polls and affiliate partnerships that help small businesses save time and money.

Our Small Business Pricing Structure

Our goal is to help you save time, money, and peace of mind. So in response, we don’t have any hidden fees, and we don’t charge anything to the small businesses that use us as a resource!

We get compensated from the advertising run on our blog posts and (some of the) other pages on the site. Plus, we are growing an affiliate program that will lead to links that offer discounts on (practical) small business ideas, project management, planning tools, and digital solutions!

Where Are We Located?

We are a 100% distributed (AKA remote) company based in the U.S.A. (Formerly headquartered in New York City and currently in Pittsburgh, PA).

Note: since UGH! Media is a distributed company; we don’t have an office space for visitors. Thus, by utilizing technology and not having a rent payment, we’ve reduced overhead to avoid charging a fee to subscribers.

How UGH! Media Came to Be

One of our co-founders worked in digital marketing and the online higher ed. sector, and the other worked in retail and website/game development.

In the midst of all that, they both freelanced at one point or another for small businesses. However, one thing stuck out to both of them while helping their clients.

Small business digital solutions were impossible to find unless the company paid tons of money for “digital marketing services.”

Anyway, before establishing UGH! Media LLC, both co-founders, had the chance to grow their digital solution skills for websites, social media platforms, apps, and other tools.

Then, on a dark and stormy afternoon, one of UGH!’s co-founders discovered a significant (and expensive) service issue with a large online marketing provider for one of his clients.

From that experience, the “UGH! Media” project formed and grew!

For a more detailed view, check out our timeline!

Meet UGH! Media’s Co-founders


Jarred at UGH! Media

UGH! Media’s digital director, SEO-ist, blogger, and proud father of a pet Roomba, Rosie!

Jarred has a passion for all things technology and helping small businesses find their digital voice!

From implementing new SEO campaigns; web development (for the nerds: full-stack js web development); troubleshooting; content creation and design; Jarred strives to deliver robust and coordinated sales/marketing actions through strategy, various tried and true techniques and most importantly, research!

He initially started in tech through an online higher education company. During that same time, he was also a freelancer who mostly worked with small businesses on social media marketing optimization, sales, event coordination, and process improvement. Over time, Jarred’s passion for digital solutions surpassed what he could do in higher ed, so the only option was to move towards full-time freelancing.

A few of Jarred’s specialties:

  • SMO
  • Trend-Spotting
  • UX testing
  • Full-stack JS Web App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Analytics (Google certified!)
  • SEO
  • Campaign Planning and Management
  • Devouring (cookie dough flavored) frozen yogurt

Connect with Jarred on Twitter (@JarredJAndrews), via email [email protected] or on LinkedIn!


Ryan at UGH! Media

UGH! Media’s co-founder and previous: customer service rep, social media optimizer, website speeder-upper, and keyword researcher.

Ryan’s passion is finding out how things work and then teaching people about it.

He’s a proud father who enjoys teaching the kiddos all sorts of neat stuff like simple repairs, animal care, video games, and how to keep their imagination(s) going!

As a kid, Ryan became interested in computers and programming. Later on, he started doing freelance work and set up new websites for small businesses. As time went on, he eventually became aware that he was most interested in coding.

Aside from freelancing, he delved into business management and even gave it a go at college. As time went on, and after changing direction, Ryan moved into the animal field (100% animal lover/rescuer/friend)!

To add, at the end of June 2018, Ryan decided to leave UGH! Media LLC to pursue a new video series and focus on growing a local pet store. No worries though, you’ll still see his posts on UGH! Media’s blog. Plus, once he gets those new ventures set, he’ll be a guest blogger here and there. ūüėÄ

In the meantime, you can contact him on Twitter (@iGameDad), YouTube or his video series via Twitch.

Are You a Blogger?

UGH! Media LLC is looking for guest bloggers who specialize in:

  • Remote/Distributed Teams
  • Small Business Ideas and Tips
  • Content Creation

If you want to learn more, please send 2-3 (published) writing examples and a resume via the contact us page.