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Affiliate Programs: Tools and Services

Firstly, welcome! Secondly, this section is for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for new tools or services. Each of the tools/services in this section is offered through affiliate marketing programs that we have decided to partner with.

Please note, each tool/service has either been tested, previously used, or is currently in use at UGH! Media. Feel free to bookmark this page because we’re always discovering new and exciting tools that help small businesses and entrepreneurs.

What is an affiliate program?

In general, affiliate programs are offered by companies to promote various services, tools, and products. Plus, certain affiliate marketing programs offer perks to the promoter and new customers. The rewards vary and sometimes include promoter commissions, discounts for those who sign up through affiliate links, and more.

Affiliate Program Resources
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This brings us to the next thing, the affiliate program, and link disclosure! ↴

Disclosure: Some links and banner ads in the following section(s) include affiliate (program) links. In other words, at no additional cost to you, UGH! Media LLC earns a commission if you click through one of them and make a purchase.

P.S. the disclosure may seem repetitive, but there are advertising standards and requirements for these sorts of things. No matter what, we’ll be sure to include an asterisk (*) before each affiliate link to help identify it more clearly. That way, you know which ones might include deals, we get a (potential) commission to continue doing what we do, and you become even more productive.

If you want to learn more about UGH! Media, check out the About Us page. Also, here’s a link to our small business blog.

(Side note: Please be sure to use one of the affiliate links if you decide to sign up for anything. It really does help to keep things moving around here! Many thanks in advance!)

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