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*Disclosure: Some of the below links (and all banner ads) on this page are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, UGH! Media earns a commission if you click through one of them and make a purchase.

This page was created to help small businesses and entrepreneurs find potential discounts, learn about new services, comparison shop, and become better informed. Please share and bookmark this affiliate links page for future reference. We’ll continue to update it as things evolve.

Last updated: 8/12/2022

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The below lists should not be interpreted as in “rank order.” They are for informational purposes only.

Website Hosting


Bluehost is a web host that we have used for a long time. They offer many (affordable) plans that are good for entrepreneurs/new businesses to enterprise-sized companies! Plus, they have a lot of neat integrations!



*SiteGround’s web hosting services are well known, and their customer service is pretty impeccable! After all, if you look into their company culture, how could they not? Plus, we’ve used them during a couple of client projects.



Pssst: GreenGeeks may or may not be our current web host (check the badge at the bottom of this page!) And guess what? We couldn’t be happier! Not only is their customer service quick and to the point, but their dashboard is super intuitive and easy to use. Plus, you can help reduce carbon emissions 24/7/365!

GreenGeeks Affiliate Link

Here is the link for the affiliated web hosts section.

Social Media Tools


Tailwind is a great social media tool to help create, schedule, and automatically (or manually) post Pins to Pinterest. They’ve also (recently) started to help work with Instagram posts! Also, we currently use them and love the insights they provide! Check out why you might want to consider *Tailwind (for Pinterest and/or Instagram) compared to some of the other social media management tools.

We’ve also created an affiliate section specifically for social media tools!

Point-of-Sale System


In the past, Square was known (to many small businesses) as THE mobile payment company that had a smartphone card reader or “swipe-y thing that you put into your phone’s headphone jack. -Oh, 2011.

Fast forward to now, and Square has evolved into a Point-of-Sale powerhouse!

Need help with payroll? Check. Looking for better team management or time-tracking? Check. Want new invoicing or marketing assistance? Check. How about all of the above, but keep it cost-effective for even the smallest-of-the-small companies? CHECK!

We also have an affiliate page dedicated to POS Systems!


Digital Writing Tools

Nothing here yet!

Affiliate Marketing Platform


*Get paid for your great content by finding a sponsor or finding merchants you want to promote on your website. In short, ShareASale’s 4,500 Merchant programs exist across a variety of categories to make it easy to find potential affiliates and more!

Content Delivery Networks


StackPath (formerly MaxCDN) is a Content Delivery Network (CDN). If you’re not familiar with what those are or how they help improve website speed, check out this post. For a quick overview, you connect them to a website, and the site’s content also gets stored on their server network. They don’t replace your regular server, though. They’re connected to your site, and they store its (published) content onto their global network, so (no matter where someone lives) if they pull it up, it’ll load faster.

Why did we become affiliated with and also endorse StackPath? Impeccable customer service, and it’s easy to use (compared to some of the free services out there.) Also, check out our affiliate links section for CDNs

StackPath Affiliate Link



RescueTime is a great time-tracking and productivity tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs alike. If you’ve ever wondered where your time goes or how to improve team productivity, RescueTime can help (down to the second)! Plus, they have other great features like setting specific tracking times, setting productivity goals, “focus time” notifications, and much more! Better yet, *RescueTime is affordable, easy to use, and effective. Jarred (UGH! Media’s Web Strategist) has been using it for years! In 2020, he upgraded to the pro version and is in the midst of creating a blog post about it.


Todoist is a project management tool, not simply a to-do list app. However, no judgment if you only want to use it as one!

In short, *Todoist allows you to turn individual to-do lists into a Kanban board with a toggle, SCHEDULES recurrences intuitively WITH TEXT, and is highly customizable. If you want to use it as a project management tool, you can easily invite/assign tasks to teammates, post comments, share documents, and more. Last but not least, it also helps to boost personal productivity with gamification. Wowzer!

Bookmark our (soon-to-be growing) affiliate page specifically for productivity apps!

Disclosure: The above links and/or all banner ads are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, UGH! Media earns a commission if you click through one of them and make a purchase.