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Point-of-Sale System



In the past, Square was known (to many small businesses) as THE mobile payment company that had a smartphone card reader or swipey thing that you put into your phone’s headphone jack.

Oh, 2011. POS (point-of-sale) systems have come so far!

Fast forward to now, and Square has evolved into a POS powerhouse that also encompasses many other *small business tools!

Need help with payroll? Check. Looking for better team management or time-tracking? Check. Want new invoicing or marketing assistance? Check. How about all of the above, but keep it cost-effective for even the smallest of the small companies? CHECK!

And they keep getting better!

POS Systems aren’t the only small biz need

POS System Affiliate Program
Square is more than just a POS system. Do you know about their other small business digital solutions?

Of course, small businesses don’t solely rely on POS systems. So if you’re looking for other types of small business tools, check out the below posts. In the meantime, we’ll be watching, researching, and posting about new small business tools and other digital solutions to help you find what you need faster.



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