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Track Time with this Productivity App!


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If you need help with time management, check out RescueTime!

RescueTime is a great productivity app that focuses on time management and other tracking features based on your app’s online activity. A manual timer within the app allows you to title/categorize the task accordingly. Furthermore, they have other great features like setting specific tracking schedules, productivity goals, “focus time” pop-up notifications, website blocking options, and more! Plus, *RescueTime is affordable, easy to use, and effective.

Jarred (UGH! Media’s Web Strategist) has been using it for years! In 2020, he upgraded to the pro version and loves it!

A To-do List and Project Management tool… in one?


You read that right!

Imagine if you found a todo list that integrated with other apps and made scheduling tasks intuitive, more customizable, and flawlessly shareable? Queue, Todoist!

With Todoist, you create “projects” that contain your tasks/todos to keep you organized and streamlined. Also, you can invite others to the list and assign tasks individually. Plus, each task/todo list can remain formatted as a standard list or switch to a Kanban board in a single toggle.

Then *one of Todoist’s neatest features is its intuitive scheduling that uses human language! Want a reminder to clean out your inbox at a specific time on specific days of the week? Type “Clean out inbox every Monday and Friday at 9 AM” and hit schedule. The todo gets automatically scheduled as a recurrence, and that’s it! (You can also set specific start/end dates if you’d like!)

Oh, did we mention that it’s also gamified? You know, to help boost your perceived (personal) accountability to help put your productivity on overdrive and stay on track?

Give *Todoist a try!

Project management and productivity tracking go hand-in-hand

Since the above list is new, it’s a bit small. However, we plan to add many more productivity apps soon. Hint: be sure to bookmark this page!

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