2020 Updates

2020 Update: Timeline Announcement

What’s new with UGH! Media this year?

2020: The Business Model Pivot is complete!

In June 2018, we switched things up and migrated to a freemium/advertising/affiliate site instead of a subscription/business services model.

Fast forward (or rewind) to March 2020.

Like so many other small businesses, COVID-19 changed SO MANY things. And not necessarily for the better. It even impacted 100% remote companies like UGH! Media.

What changed

Twitter: Although the account is still up, we decided to move on from that platform and focus on Pinterest. Unfortunately, we never anticipated the sheer volume of tweets that included “UGH, media” because of the political landscape.

Hey, you live, and you learn!

In response, we noted in our Twitter bio for fans to follow us on Pinterest instead.

Pinterest: So far, we’ve created a board for each category and plan to add a few more in 2021. (Follow us on Pinterest!)

The UGH! Media Website & Logo: We did complete the website (and logo) revamp! Pages/posts have been optimized for mobile (first) and AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

When it comes to AMP, things are ever-changing. If we ever find the right solution to fully and easily migrate a site to AMP (so it doesn’t break pages), we’ll write a post about it! However, so far, setting up AMP is not for the faint of heart!

We have a new affiliate resources section: We created the section(s) to improve transparency on which affiliate programs we’ve joined, what we like, how they help small businesses, and more. There’s even a short 1-3 question affiliate finder quiz to help you hone in on something more specific! The kicker: no sign-up is necessary to take the quiz, and you can take it more than once.

You can check out the new affiliate resource pages here or via the tab in the main menu.