Our Business Model Pivot Begins!

Business Model Change

Announcement: We are moving toward a different business model

Our Business Model Pivot Begins!

At first, UGH! Media was initially a service-based business for individual clients.

Simultaneously, we had a knack for researching practical digital solutions.

In response to the contracting aspect, we decided to register the business as an LLC in 2017. However, we didn’t think about how to incorporate the digital solution research and testing component.

Why does that matter?

With those two things combined, it seemed to make us a cross between the Nickel-and-dime (à la carte) and a Freemium B2B business. Not good considering customers were confused on “what we are,” because let’s face it, we were also confused on how to expand the business in other directions while at the same time making sense to customers.

Ultimately, as we evolved (see timeline page for details), it was decided that a pivot toward a “hybrid” Advertising and Online Marketplace business model needed to happen.

Business Changes Galore!

At first, we were nervous about the transition. Why? Because, well, change is difficult! Then, about a month or so later, the universe *laughed* at our “pivot plan” and added something new to the mix!

Low and behold — an unexpected business opportunity!

What happened was that Ryan (UGH! Media’s CTO / co-founder) decided to resign at the end of June to pursue another venture. Gah!

With some tears, cupcakes, and virtual hugs, he signed off on one venture and went on to the next.

Moving Forward!

UGH! Media’s web strategist/analyst, Jarred, consulted with mentors and advisors. During one of those meetings, he decided to move forward with a pivot ASAP.

Plus, since things were already up in the air, UGH! Media got its chance to *laugh back* at the universe.

However, the universe WON AGAIN because the pivot started on Ryan’s last day!

Crazy, eh? (It was bittersweet.)

Anyway, since we were missing a critical business piece and one awesome guy, we decided to do the following (note: as we create the different components, we’ll add corresponding links below):

  • Temporarily halt our social media marketing effort(s)
    • Nix our Google+ account (the platform is closing)
    • Start a Pinterest profile
    • Decide what to do with Twitter
  • Redo and optimize the website to make it more mobile and AMP-friendly
  • Transition to the new business model while creating a new content strategy in one swoop
  • Create a new data policy before moving forward with more precise ad monetization
  • Find more cool affiliates
  • Grow new awesome partnerships

Let the pivot (and blogging) commence!

(Stay tuned for new blog updates and announcements!)