Business Pivot Continues in 2019

What we're changing

Our small business pivot is underway!

The Business Pivot Continues in 2019!

Update: we are in full pivot mode!

Since June 2018 we’ve taken a leave from social media that’ll last until May 2019. Good news though, that’s a month earlier than expected! Woot!

We’ll also (along with the rest of the world) be closing our Google+ account because the network closes on 4/2/19. Since the closure will free up some time, we’ll start a new Pinterest account and also continue with Twitter. Since we don’t share the same small business content on each social network, here’s…

What to Expect on Each Social Media Channel:

Twitter: We use this account to share past/present UGH! Media small business blog posts. Plus, we share curated content that’s either trending or relevant to our community.

Pinterest: This will be our newb! We’re planning to not only create a board for each category, but also have them for infographics, charts, and maybe even some group boards. Feel free to follow us!

(Reminder — Google+ is shutting down entirely on 4/2/19! If you have an account, be sure to download your content by 3/31/19!)

What else we’re changing during the business pivot:

The UGH! Media Website

During the business pivot, our website will get revamped! The primary goal is to optimize pages and posts better to make them mobile and AMP (accelerated mobile pages) friendly. Plus, to provide a better experience, a faster website is always needed!

In the midst of all that, but we’ll be updating blog posts, refreshing images/infographics and creating some new pages to help improve site navigation!

While on the website topic, it’s a good time to bring up site monetization!

One of the business models we’re pivoting to is advertising. Why? To avoid having to charge visitors to either view or download content, we figured that adding relevant, nonintrusive ads would be the best alternative. P.S. the ads shown are appropriate and based on the technology, tools, and services we review and discuss. ⊘ Creepy ads here!

Watch for a New Section!

We may or may not be adding a new affiliate section shortly! It all depends on a few things (that can’t get discussed yet), but we’ll keep everyone posted. Heck, we’ll even create a new announcement once we know for sure! Stay tuned though, because an affiliate section would mean: small business discounts on apps, services, etc.!