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Small Business Blog Launch!

It’s official, on 4/14/17 we launched our small business blog focused on digital business solutions! The 1st post is titled – “Small Business Owner Question: What is SEO?”

Above all, we decided to start with an SEO related post because its a priority for many small businesses. After all, without SEO, websites have difficulty showing up in search results. Plus, what’s the point of having a site that can’t get found online?

What else we’ll blog about

At first, we plan to hone in on various areas of small business online/internet marketing, website optimization, blog writing, and more! After that, more categories will get added over time.

So what separates UGH! Media’s blog from other ones? Not only do we focus on small businesses, but we’ll give it a digital twist!

So what do we mean by that?

Well, many companies have become privy to problem-solving apps and are more tech-savvy by the day.

In other words, we focus our research and reviews on digital marketing tools, apps, software, and even plugins! For the things that cannot get resolved with apps, we’ll provide digestible how-tos, tips, and links to other niche blogs and small business digital solution companies.

Here is a list of our small business blog categories:

In the future, we plan to have an affiliate/partnership page that’ll showcase recommended apps, tools, and service companies. After that, the goal is to provide visitors with direct recommendations and discounts based off of experience and research.

Are you a blogger?

Do you specialize in any of our small business blog categories? Are you seeking a writing gig? If so, we might need your help shortly! Here are instructions on how to apply as a guest blogger. Please note that spots are limited, so if you are interested, please let us know your skills ASAP and we’ll get back to you.



Although we specialize in digital solutions, as of Jan. 1, 2019, we no longer accept individual service requests. However, we do take inquiries/questions (see Contact Us page for more info).

Please note, this post does not establish a UGH! Media LLC-client relationship. It is for informational purposes only. For additional info, please refer to our disclaimer.

About Jarred

Jarred Andrews is a Co-Founder and Senior Web Strategist of UGH! Media. He empowers small businesses to not fear the digital world by helping them understand how things are connected, support one another, and how to get that info for free or at a discount. Jarred started in tech through online higher education as a recruiter, marketer, project coordinator, and director. On the side, he worked as a consultant to small businesses focused on event planning, social media, and web development/design. When helping clients, he noticed a considerable disconnect between storefronts, local presence, and online visibility. It became clear that small businesses struggle with internet marketing and other digital solutions, and they never knew where to begin. Ultimately, they wanted information that was simplified, DIY, and practical -- a one-stop-shop to fix pesky online small business roadblocks. (For a more in-depth bio, head on over to the About Us section!)