A Small Business Idea is Born: UGH! Media

The concept of UGH! Media

A concept turned small business idea = UGH! Media

The idea behind UGH! Media

The concept of UGH! Media started when both co-founders freelanced at separate small businesses and noticed a few growing trends:

  • The advice clients need (when it comes to the digital stuff) is always complicated
  • Small business technology, in general, will be a roadblock when trying to progress online if you aren’t willing to understand the basics and become more productive
  • Small businesses outsource services way too early when it comes to online/internet marketing and other digital solutions.

Why is that important?

Well, because technology isn’t going away!

Nowadays, small companies need digital solutions and advice catered to their business while they grow an online presence and establish authority. Ideally, all of that needs to be done before outsourcing!

How will that help?

When a client outsources, they usually end up paying a pretty penny for things like:

  • Social media (if you have less than 10K active followers, don’t outsource right away. Instead, hire a social media manager in-house or learn the basics)
  • Digital marketing services (without an online presence already established, how will that help? You’ll pay A LOT more if they have to create and then grow your online assets. A LOT MORE!)
  • Website optimization fees (If you don’t know what each website fee is for, figure it out! If it doesn’t help your small business, don’t keep paying!)
  • SEO services (PSSssst: SEO doesn’t work “fast.” You also need the above components and a few other things. Like, the different types of SEO)
  • PPC (Before doing this, figure out which website pages are currently indexed on search engines. Also, make sure your site is easy to navigate)

To get back on track, our co-founders compiled some of the above stats and began to brainstorm new small business ideas. First, it’s evident that there are tons of how-tos, tips, etc. out there that everyone can reference, which can get confusing. However, it was apparent that all clients are on a time crunch, and sometimes lack the knowledge of where to begin.

To add, most of the content and media out there isn’t simplified enough for small business owners to use. Especially if they aren’t tech savvy.

Plus, it became evident that none of the advice came from a single source that covered most of the digital aspects and the biggest kicker – none of them focus on small businesses!

…and from that realization the concept of UGH! Media was born!