Small Business Website Launch!

UGH! Media Website Launches

Remember the day your website launched?

Small Business Website

After 3 months of brainstorming, market research, and website design, our small business website has launched!

At first, the website was like any new site. It was minimalistic and had about five pages.

[UPDATED 01/01/2019]

Fast forward to 2019, and now there are over 100 (and growing)!

UGH! Media is All About Small Business Digital Solutions

At first, we offered digital solutions packages that helped clients one-on-one with SEO, SMO and Website Optimization. Our goal was to make each plan simplified, digestible and (priced) à la carte! However, during our à la carte trial, we discovered something.

Above all, scaling internet marketing services for other small businesses was grueling! Plus, it wasn’t sustainable with only two people (the co-founders). At that same time, both founders were amid a blog and social media launch too!

Also, it took about a year for them to realize what needed to happen. The only way they could (successfully) scale UGH!’s services, keep prices practical and stay up-to-date/relevant with internet marketing…was to work day and night.

Sleep be damned!

Queue = More Planning!

Ultimately, we decided that more planning and research HAD to happen. (And more sleep!)

So they asked themselves a question: How can we come up with new digital solutions in the ever-changing world of SEO and internet marketing?

Answer: By researching, implementing, testing, and then writing about for the world to see!

And why not?! UGH! Media is a small business determined to help fellow owners save money, grow and simplify all this digital marketing/tech stuff!

The next website challenge

So at this point, our next goal is to create a blog (and eventually 1-2 social media profiles to spread the word)!

In the meantime, we’ll make sure to keep you posted on future updates as we continue to develop the website. Once the blog is up and running, you’ll be able to find all posts at

About Jarred at UGH! Media, LLC

Jarred Andrews is the co-founder and CEO of UGH! Media.

He aims to empower small businesses to not fear the digital world by helping them understand how things are connected, how they support one another and how to get that info for free or at a discount.

Jarred started his work in tech by way of the online higher education sector as a recruiter, marketer, director, and administrator. At the same time, he worked as a consultant to small businesses focused on event planning, social media, and web development.

While helping clients, he realized a huge disconnect between their actual storefronts and online presence. (There shouldn't be!)

Over time, it became evident that all small businesses should have access to digital solutions that are simplified, DIY and practical. Ultimately, a one-stop shop to fix those pesky online small business issues.

Hence, UGH! Media LLC was born!

(For a more in-depth bio, head on over to the About Us section!)