About Jarred

Jarred Andrews is the co-founder and CEO of UGH! Media.

He aims to empower small businesses to not fear the digital world by helping them understand how things are connected, how they support one another and how to get that info for free or at a discount.

Jarred started his work in tech by way of the online higher education sector as a recruiter, marketer, director, and administrator. At the same time, he worked as a consultant to small businesses focused on event planning, social media, and web development.

While helping clients, he realized a huge disconnect between their actual storefronts and online presence. (There shouldn't be!)

Over time, it became evident that all small businesses should have access to digital solutions that are simplified, DIY and practical. Ultimately, a one-stop shop to fix those pesky online small business issues.

Hence, UGH! Media LLC was born!

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