7 Helpful Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Ways Small Businesses Benefit from Social Media
The benefits of social media marketing help to boost more than just your bottom line!

Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

At first, implementing a new Social Media strategy can seem a bit overbearing due to the time it takes to plan, execute, track and test. On top of that, many small businesses still struggle with prioritizing social, even when they know the importance of social media marketing!

Why social media marketing?

Companies don’t put off social media marketing because they’re too busy. It’s because they usually don’t know the benefits that it can have on their business, or they might not know how to measure its impact. Every situation is different.

Plus, let’s face it, it’s difficult to go back to social media if you’ve had sub-par social marketing experiences in the past!

Ultimately, we’ve come up with the below list to help show you some of the most important benefits of social media marketing. We’ll also show you how to measure results to better combat the social media marketing blues. Onward!

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The 7 Helpful Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

1. It’s Cost-effective

Social media marketing is economical! Not only are interactions with customers and posts free, but if you decide to do paid ads, the costs are customizable. Plus, when posts get shared, content reaches even further, and products speak for themselves!

To maximize your social marketing efforts, remember to only focus on social networks that best fit your audience’s needs. It’ll help you to save time in the long run and leave more room for testing new social channels in the future. Plus, knowing the best social network for your business helps you plan content easier and prioritize your social media strategy more effectively.

Speaking of time-saving, with all of the elbow grease put into your social channels, they can (in the long run) end up saving you time.

Think of it this way: content answers questions

If you find yourself repetitively addressing the same questions/problems/issues, consider creating an FAQ page. Once it’s set up, include links in your replies that direct to a particular FAQ (when longer explanations are necessary). DO NOT send links to answer questions, especially if the answer is simple. Instead, add FAQ links to email signatures or social profiles.

2. It helps to increase website traffic

Displaying helpful content from your site via easily shareable social media posts might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s still underutilized! In fact, 24% of small businesses have zero social media presence!

Also, if the option is available (like YouTube, etc.), include a link to another social media profile within your bio. It’ll help with expanding your reach.

Lastly, don’t forget to add social media follow buttons to your website! Linking your social profile(s) helps with on-site analytics tracking. Also, if you add social share buttons, it helps your visitors to share posts and pages to other social platforms quickly.

A little extra something: If you’re struggling to come up with new content, here are some content marketing examples. Plus, here are five tools to help you create digital content.

3. Increased brand awareness and brand loyalty

Nowadays, businesses are online 24/7/365, even if you aren’t. And that’s okay! Companies utilize technology like chatbots and other tools to help. And guess what? Many of the tools are FREE! Ultimately, what this comes down to is that it’s imperative to be more “present” online. Utilizing chatbots and other software helps to assist in accomplishing that. Plus, by using both, they contribute to brand awareness and improving loyalty.

Ever hear anyone complain about a company being consistently helpful and quick to respond? Of course not!

Quick side-note on the chatbot thing:

Chatbots aren’t used to replace employees, nor communicate everything for you. Companies utilize them to help visitors with questions, navigate websites more efficiently, and things like that. They can even be used to help larger companies address concerns and complaints better ($$$).

Integrating Chatbots into small businesses is rapidly becoming something to pay attention to and consider if you’re trying to improve User Experience.

Plus, let’s face it, when we get a friendly reply from a company that also addresses a concern, it’s reassuring and makes us feel good! Plus, the chances are high that we’ll come back (brand loyalty) and not forget them (brand awareness)!

Lastly, interacting with your audience online is very important! By publicly doing so (through social networks, website comment feeds, etc.), it helps to show that you provide excellent customer service and that you’re H-U-M-A-N (vs. a Chatbot)! Earning trust is tough, but when you do, rest assured that your loyal customers will let others know about your biz!

4. Improve sales

As you can see, the benefits of social media marketing are vast! Even better news, using social to boost sales is one of them!

Social marketing can increase online sales by 714% or even 25% for brick-and-mortar companies. However, many of the tactics in those examples use paid advertising. It may seem a bit off-putting for smaller companies to use paid social advertising at first. However, once you get comfortable with different networks, the benefits of social media marketing, implementation, and how to measure ROI, the returns can be worthwhile.

On the flip side, before starting paid advertising campaigns (PPC) or social advertising, it’s imperative to optimize SEO!

Why? Here are a few reasons:

  • When paid advertising (PPC) gets used on its own, it has no bearing on site rankings/SEO. You pay for a spot on the first page of search results. Once you stop paying for ads, they get removed.
  • Organic results (from SEO) earned over time don’t get removed.
  • Social Media has no impact on SEO (it helps generate traffic to your site by amplifying content)
  • Utilizing SEO and PPC together = a good-search-result-double-whammy! You could potentially see your content show on the 1st or 2nd page of search results organically (from SEO) along with a paid ad somewhere else on the 1st page.

Suggestion: Here’s some info if you’re not sure how to measure ROI on Social Media.

5. Improve customer service AND learn about your audience!

Yep, utilizing the benefits of social media can lead to better customer service. It can also save time (for visitors and your business) and helps both sides learn more about each other!

First, utilize social media monitoring tools like BackTweets, HootSuite, or ZoomSphere to save you time. They help you to keep a birds-eye view on all channels (in one place). Plus, being able to see everything at once enables you to monitor channels and respond faster.

Another benefit of social media is that it gives customers an additional way to reach out. On top of that, it allows others to see your excellent customer service.

Thirdly, use a tool like Mention. It allows you to monitor what’s being said about your company whenever someone mentions you online.

6. Social profiles show in search engines

Having social profiles that show in search engine results helps solidify your brand and makes your company more visible. Plus, they allow customers to find your contact info easier and what else you have to offer.

Now don’t get us wrong; not everyone prefers communicating via social media. A poll on Android Central shows that 25% prefer calls, 37% for text, 25% via messenger apps, 1% for video chat, and 12% for avoiding direct communication altogether. The poll had 7046 participants (as of 9/15/17).

What can we learn from this? Being present on social media gives your customers more options to reach out, allows access to submit reviews, and makes your company easier to find online.

7. Track competitors and leverage audiences

Here is where the benefits of social media monitoring tools come into play again.

Have you ever used a competitor monitoring tool? They allow you to see what the competition is up to and learn from them simultaneously! These tools also help you to keep a fresh perspective on industry trends. Plus, pay close attention to what they share, the times they post, and how they reply to followers.

That’s right, leverage their audience. Don’t worry; this isn’t some shady tactic of bashing competition or stealing a sale. You want to use what you find to gain more insight into improving your business and its visibility. If you see any weak points, improve upon them!

Ultimately, Social Media Marketing = Super Helpful.

So there you have it, seven benefits of social media marketing! If you’re looking for more info on social media marketing, check out:

In the meantime, stay tuned for additional UGH! Media blog posts!

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