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The Content Creation Struggle is Real!

Do you struggle with content creation for your small business? [WHO doesn’t?!] If you need inspiration, ideas, or a few pointers then you’ve come to the right section! In this category, we’ll help you overcome those everyday content creation struggles with the help of free apps and tools!

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How to Survive Writer’s Block When Blogging

Overcoming writer's block when you're a small business owner is tough. Here are a few tried-and-true tips!
Writer’s block (or any creative block) is frustrating! The good news: they can be overcome!

How To Overcome Writer’s Block When You Have a Small Biz

Writer’s block, content creation, (crying) and blogging go hand-in-hand.

To piece your writing together, you need images, GIFS, graphs, or videos. Also, depending on the type of article, you usually need some combo of those things to convey the right message.

When you have a massive marketing and content team, these projects (usually) move along quite well.

However, when you’re a small business owner, it’s usually your team of YOU (and sometimes a co-founder if you’re lucky!) to brainstorm AND create EVERYTHING…

From. Scratch.

If you’ve ever had to delve into creating content and marketing, then you know that it’s NOT easy. Especially for small businesses! However, it sometimes feels downright impossible when you have a creative block, writer’s block, a lack of inspiration, or a creative slowdown. Call it whatever you want!… Read More

Writer's Block and Creative block can be your worst nightmare when a deadline is fast approaching. Here are some tips on how to avoid both!

8 Tips Before Making an Inbound Marketing Plan

8 Tips to Help Your Next Inbound Marketing Plan
If you need help creating an inbound marketing plan, feel free to use the below checklists!

Inbound Marketing Plan vs. Outbound

Did you know that when you go to improve your company’s online visibility (with social media, SEO, blogging, etc.), you’re working in the inbound marketing realm?

Outbound marketing is what marketers (mostly) did pre-internet, but some techniques still exist today. And guess what? They’re typically WAY MORE expensive than inbound strategies!

Inbound Marketing = Think social media marketing, SEO, blogging, etc.

Outbound Marketing = Think trade shows, cold-calling, snail mail, etc.

UGH! Media

Since we focus on small businesses, let’s go with the more cost-effective option — inbound marketing!

In this post, I’ll go over eight tips to consider when creating your next inbound marketing plan! Plus, I’ll include some lists to help break down the many pieces of content into more digestible bits.


Creating content for an inbound marketing plan

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Inbound Marketing Tips

5 Amazing Digital Content Creation Tools

5 Amazing Digital Content Creation Tools
Use these tools to help you create engaging media (AND save loads of time)!

Yay to digital content creation tools!

It’s a challenge coming up with new digital content strategy ideas. Plus considering how long it takes to create content that fits well into a marketing plan, it gets even more complicated. Therefore, we made the below list to help you reduce the time spent on researching new content-making apps. Furthermore, the five digital content creation tools are easy to grasp, huge time-savers and they each offer something different!

Already know the sort of tool that you need? Click below to jump to the section.

5 Amazing Digital Content Creation Tools

Easy-to-use graphic design content creation tool
Check out this easy-to-use graphic design tool by Canva!

1. Canva

If you’re looking for a great content creation tool … Read More

Check out these 5 content creation tools!