Improve Digital Marketing with 4 Fewer Things to Do!

Here are 4 marketing tips to free up time and hone in on the important digital marketing stuff
Spend less time on unnecessary digital marketing distractions and focus more on the important stuff!

The Digital Marketing Puzzle

Digital marketing is either a beauty, a beast, or the bane of a small business’s existence (or a weird mix of the three)!

Plus, digital marketing is difficult for the risk-averse and even more of a struggle for those who think that (things like) social media networks are easy to grasp and similar across the board.

If they were all the same, they’d get merged into one platform! YouTwinstagoopinteresnapcebookedin, for example. (Can you imagine?)

Anyway, digital marketing can be less of a struggle if we believe in the product(s) or brand(s) that we sell! Also, the other bonus of digital marketing comes in the form of data, research, various tactics, inbound marketing strategies, planning, trial, and error (not necessarily in that order).

However, with so many different things on a marketer’s plate at one time, it’s hard to stay focused. Furthermore, we need to be continually learning and staying up-to-date. If we don’t, we can fall behind, and with so many moving pieces, we sometimes forget to take a step back.

“Newbies” take note!

A common question from small business owners

If you aren’t a digital marketing strategist or an online marketing manager by trade, then how can you eventually become a “master” in digital or social media marketing?

Not an easy question, but when you start doing, you’ll pick it up piece by piece.

Ultimately, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can still figure it out and even thrive!

But first, some things need clarified and taken off of that ever-growing digital marketing list!


What Digital Marketing ISN’T:

A means to an end

Digital Marketing has been a godsend, but it won’t solve 100% of our business woes! It’s there to help us get closer to meeting an overall goal. Plus, a great internet marketing strategy can help a company see where their messaging or content falls short and where you can improve.

If you’re battling to not fall out of love with your company’s marketing campaigns, it’s time to take a step back to change your mindset!

Hey, we all get there at some point, and we feel your pain!

The next big marketing idea is on the tip of your tongue (or fingertips), but you can’t seem to get it to where you want it to go.

Then, take a step back! You can’t get it all done in one day!

Why taking a step back is important

When you take a step back, focus on a SINGLE piece of your overall marketing campaign. Like, your social media marketing strategy or a brand marketing goal. The trick is not to let your mind wander and fester over all of the things you need to accomplish or learn.

Plus, without taking a breather every so often to visualize your plan, you could be missing out on noticing a trend that’s developing amongst your competitors or a piece of content that could help to connect the dots between two ongoing projects, etc.

Every single piece of your strategy is in addition to the overall goal you have set and what’s already in place. You’re building, not starting entirely from scratch!

All of our puzzles have a different number of pieces. Plus, each “puzzle” takes different amounts of time to put together. Every business is unique and in a different place from one another! Use the building blocks to your advantage!

“Going viral.”

So how many times have you sat in a marketing meeting and the person talking is going in circles about “VIRAL messaging” and how it needs to turn into the next new focal point of EVERYTHING?!

Yeah, viral marketing is “easy”…if you already know your marketing techniques and have a plan in place! AND if you’re great at trendspotting, have tons of advertising money to fork out (like, infinite amounts), access to an ENTIRE content marketing team, AND TONS of followers!

Oh, and impeccable timing AND, and LUCK!

If you don’t have all of the above things readily available, then you’re lying to yourself if you expect every piece of content to go viral (it’s literally impossible!)

Why would you do that to yourself?!

Instead, focus on building out all digital marketing assets by showing your business’s value and be yourself. Yep, be “authentic”!

Vanity metrics

If you’re only tracking vanity metrics, then your digital marketing is at a disadvantage!

Not familiar with vanity metrics? They’re the “surface numbers” that don’t offer a more in-depth insight as to why something is the way it is.

For example, you know the post impressions on Twitter or Facebook? They allow you to see how many people skimmed past your post in their feed, if they like or share a post, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong, that sort of data is helpful when trying to see if you’re posting something at the right time or if a small content change made a difference based on how many likes you got. However, those insights are very limited.

Next, the numbers and stats that offer A LOT more useful insight are called actionable metrics. To find this kind of data you need to use a tool like Google Analytics for marketing data.

In general, actionable metrics can tell you things like which posts lead the most traffic back to your site, what your visitor’s journey looks like from page to page, which blog posts resonate the most, etc.

Google can help with SEO tracking too!

The other benefit of using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console is not only for SEO tracking, but you’ll be able to show colleagues demonstratable data! If they ever ask how you made a determination based on specific numbers, how a post is impacting another, how a page is impacting visibility online and so much more!

A secret formula

Lastly, there isn’t a secret formula for this stuff! Your marketing efforts take time to plan, build and grow!

If you’re stuck on how to crunch numbers once you have the metrics, here is a process to start utilizing — Conversion Rate Optimization tactics!

P.S. if you have a “secret” social media formula that you use, let us know below!

Final Words

So there you have it, a few quick ways to help change your approach to digital marketing and how to overcome some of those pesky hurdles we all encounter at one time or another! If you’re looking for more tips on social media marketing strategy, content creation, or optimizing your website, check out these posts!:

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