13 Blogs to Help Your Small Biz Grow [Infographic]

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13 Blogs to Help Small Business Move Forward
Below are some small business blogs to help you solve those tricky dilemmas.

Small business resources (via blogs) to the rescue!

First, why should you have a list of small business blogs in advance?

If you’re struggling to grow a business, you know that those not-so-great days suck the motivation right out of you. If you’ve ever felt the wrath of writer’s block or have been at a loss with SEO, then you know what I’m saying.

Anyway, those bad days make it even harder for business owners to consider a new inbound marketing plan, move forward, and gain a new perspective.

Furthermore, coming up with new ideas, staying positive, focused, inspired, and continually pushing forward is essential, if not imperative. However, that’s not always possible because we all need something different to keep things moving and the momentum going.

So, by having a list of small business blogs in advance (to cover multiple topics), you’ll allow yourself a much-needed ‘reset’ in those dire times.

It’s important to note that while each blog has its focus, some cover topics for small or mid-size businesses.

To simplify things, I added notes (in parenthesis next to each title) based on the blog’s (overall) topic.

Let’s get to it!

13 Blogs/Sites to Help Small Businesses

1. U.S. Small Business Administration (Small Business Resource Blog)

The U.S. Small Business Administration has been around since 1953 and believes that small businesses are an essential part of the economy. This is probably why they offer a ton of valuable resources to help small businesses grow. When we say a ton, we aren’t messing around! SBA offers business financing, entrepreneurial education and training, government contracting, and small business advocacy. Their resources can help transform your business! The different topics include; Starting a business, financing, industry word, managing a business, and contracting. Educating yourself and implementing small changes can provide a good return on time invested in doing this.


Founded in 2003 by Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends offers marketing, management, technology, finance, and advice for different types of businesses. What makes them different than other small business blogs that cover similar topics? They have over 400 experts writing about their knowledge and experiences and the creators of 2 awards that support and recognize distinct interest segments of the small business market.


3. Bplans (General Business Advice)

Having information is great, but knowing how to plan with that information is better. Bplans not only has free business plans to help you along your journey as an entrepreneur, but they also have free interactive tools and calculators and daily advice to add to it. Not having a business plan is equivalent to navigating the ocean without preparing beforehand. Get a plan, fill it out, and find your happy place!


4. Microsoft (Tech-y Business Topics)

Microsoft has been around since 1975 and, more recently, created a blog in 2014. Having over 200 articles to read, you’ll find something that interests you. Even better, they recently broke their main blog into 12 areas of focus!

It’s important to note that the page you land on (via the below link) is a general blog feed. However, on the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see links to the other areas of focus.

Ultimately, you’ll find quite a few gems with many downloadable guides and courses. It’s a long way away from the (old) days of those “stuck” blue screens, Clippy the Microsoft Word guide, or…Vista. Good stuff!


5. HubSpot (Marketing Blog)

For just a second, imagine having access to info about sales, marketing, AND customer relationship management from a group of experts who have served over 34,000 customers across 90 countries. Along with access to software that will help with SEO, social media, tracking ad progress, and more. With that much information available, where could you take your business? If this interests you, then HubSpot has what you need!

Are you more of a people person? Then you can join the HubSpot User Groups. Some User Groups have events where you can participate and learn about inbound marketing with HubSpot software in person.


6. Duct Tape Marketing (Marketing Blog)

The handyman’s tool in person = Duct Tape

The handyman’s tool online = Duct Tape Marketing!

… small business marketing must be simple, affordable, always-at-the-ready, and effective at solving any of a host of problems.” A powerful metaphor that every business is looking for when it comes to marketing.

Their blog covers many topics and ranges from advertising to referrals and content marketing to SEO.


7. Neil Patel (Marketing Blog – Business Optimization)

THIS guy! What can I say? He’s PASSIONATE about what he does and wants your business to grow just as much as you do. Yeah, he has experience with a few big companies but prefers working with small businesses just because of how much more rewarding they are.

Neil wants people to visit your site/social channels and convert them into customers! There are many ways of doing this, and he goes over the multitude of tactics from his experience with using video (over 120), tons of posts, and helpful how-tos.


8. WordStream (Marketing Blog/Advertising Blog)

With a catch-line of “Online Advertising Made Easy.” WordStream brings a boatload of information to the table to help you with your marketing and advertising efforts. Not only do they cover information on that, but they also give some pretty handy tips for Adwords, landing pages, and some other technical aspects of your online journey. PPC can be tricky to navigate, which is why they have free material in their PPC University section to get things moving vs. starting from scratch.

Being featured in Fortune, The New York Times, USA Today, and Entrepreneur helps get a business recognized. Not to mention the awards from 2016 Best Places To Work – Boston Business Journal, Innovatory Award USA – Google Premier SMB Partner, Inc. 5000 #567 of 2015, Growth Champion – Google Premier SMB Partner, Winner of 2016 MITX Awards.


9. Social Media Examiner (Social Media Blog)

Social media can be one of the most challenging places to navigate. With all the different channels to pick from, their various contexts, and all the settings, it can be overwhelming! Oh crap, and don’t forget about learning each platform’s image dimensions, recent updates, analytics tracking, marketing/advertising options, and making and curating content!

Anyway, so where do you start and what matters?

Queue, Social Media Examiner! With so many simple tips, tools, and examples to use for your social media marketing, they make business life way more comfortable! They also offer a free Social Media Marketing Industry Report (can sign-up for it on their homepage), Creator Monetization Report, and weekly podcasts to help keep you updated.


10. SBZ (Social Media Blog – Instagram)

Instagram is a robust social platform for images. As you know, “pictures are worth a thousand words.” Now imagine having access to the knowledge of someone who is the master of images. Sue B. Zimmerman wants to empower people to take charge of their marketing strategy by using Instagram. She knows how powerful it is and wants to show that to you. What would you do with the power of being able to give your customers that “1000 words” in a single picture?


11. Insureon (Insurance Blog)

Insureon wants to make getting insurance easy for your business. Moreover, they cover so many industries it would make your jaw drop. So why would we include an insurance company on the list? Due to their sheer experience (and they have a blog) and every business needing some form of insurance! They work with many different sectors, quickly explain the different insurance types, and make that info available!

It comes down to one thing — every business needs coverage nowadays! Never know when a data breach can happen or if an employee will get hurt on the job.

The average cost of recovery from a single security incident is estimated to be $86.5K for small and medium businesses and $861k for enterprises.

Kaspersky Lab


12. Fora Financial (Financial Blog – Small Businesses)

Why would a financial company end up on this list?

Answer: they have one of the best small business blogs out there!

Some of the topics are pretty standard, like marketing and technology (still exciting stuff there). Plus, they discuss issues of working capital, small business tips, and info about different industries.

Knowing how to use your business’ money efficiently is paramount to your business’s success. However, the toughest part is getting funds, but the good news makes it easy by offering Small Business Loans and educating with blog posts on different loan types.

Their Industries section quickly supplies you with industry-based advice to resolve those very particular industry-related questions.

The small business tips section is a bit broader and focuses on all sorts of business topics.


13. UGH! Media (Digital solution resource for modern small businesses)

UGH! Media’s goal is to simplify finding digital solutions for small businesses!

First, not only do we have a small business blog, but we are working on a few ways to help businesses find different services/tools that their needs fast (here’s a link to our service/tool finder page for affiliates). Plus, we don’t charge a fee or require sign-ups to view the blog and other resources for many reasons. Two of the main ones are that we don’t do email campaigns nor sell visitor data. Yay! Moreover, below are our (current) blog topic categories.

Until Next Time!

Lastly, we plan to keep adding to this list as time goes on. In the meantime, here are a few related posts:

Here’s the Infographic!

Small Business Blogs [Infographic]
Which blogs can help your business the most?

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