7 Social Media Marketing Tools to the Rescue!

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7 apps to get your social media marketing back on track
Which of the below tools have you tried?

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Issues That Can Get Fixed with Social Media Marketing Tools

Remember the first time you implemented social media marketing for your business? Which social media management tools did you use?

How did you do it? Did you know what exactly to do?

*sound of crickets chirping*

You probably had no clue, right?

On the other hand, if you’re new to social media marketing or have done it before but need to refresh your skills, keep reading!

We’ve researched, polled, and cross-referenced some of the most common social media marketing issues many small businesses face and posted them below. All you have to do is click on whichever issue(s) you’re having, and it’ll bring you to a social media marketing tool that can help!


Common Social Media Marketing Issues

Click on a problem below, and it’ll bring you to an app that can help!:

7 Social Media Marketing Tools to Get You Organized and Moving Forward!

1. Buffer

You’ve probably heard of content publishing tools if you’ve already started social media marketing. If not, now is the time to familiarize yourself!

In general, Buffer is for smaller businesses. It helps with additional analytics, posting consistently, a birds-eye-view of scheduling/planning your posts, and content creation with their tool, Pablo. If you need to manage multiple social networks, it does that too!

Buffer also has a function to help prevent you from seeming too spammy. How? When you go to schedule something that you’ve (very) recently posted, you’ll receive a notification that you need to edit the post somehow.

It’s a simple function that helps social media managers and/or content creators avoid accidentally posting the same thing too often or unexpectedly.

2. Hootsuite

HootSuite is a bit different from Buffer. It’s a social media management dashboard. It doesn’t just help with publishing content but also allows for delegating tasks, tracking analytics, and even replying to social inquiries from one screen! You can monitor what’s happening on all of your social media channels simultaneously (on that same screen, as mentioned earlier)!

Ultimately, if you’re a small to mid-size (or larger) company and need help managing multiple accounts and responding to inquiries in a snap, check out Hootsuite!

3. MeetEdgar

Do you use either Buffer or Hootsuite and love them but need some additional help when scheduling content? Well, if you use Twitter, LinkedIn (pages and company pages), and Facebook (including pages, profiles, and groups!), you’re in luck! Edgar is a social media management tool that recycles your past content in a way that doesn’t become overbearing, repetitive, and boring.

Just add your ‘original posts’ ONCE, and Edgar will do the rest! It saves your content into a categorized library and then recycles it based on a customizable schedule. Building up your library takes a bit of time, but it might just be what you need!


If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur on a budget, IFTTT might be your saving grace! IFTTT has over 360 partners that allow integrations (they call them applets) between other tools that you wouldn’t otherwise be an option for!

IFTTT can do almost anything because if you can’t find an applet, you can build one. For free!

In a nutshell, you can integrate two social media channels (that wouldn’t otherwise connect) to help streamline social media posting. Sick of digital paper-pushing? Automate it! Heck, it can even send you a notification when the ISP (International Space Station) passes over your house! (NOT joking!)

Just type in an app to see what sort of integrations there are. If you’re looking for a specific function, type it in, and IFTTT will give you suggestions.

5. Zapier

Unlike IFTTT, Zapier is a more business-focused app integration dashboard that can help to streamline repetitive (and pesky) tasks towards an optimized workflow. Even better, they’re super affordable and work with over 750 web apps!

The other cool thing is that you can customize integrations even further than other tools. In other words, instead of only being able to integrate two apps, it lets you set up a ‘zap’ with three apps or more!

6. *Tailwind

If you use Pinterest and Instagram in your social media marketing, you should check out Tailwind! Their insights and analytics options are the best we’ve seen (and still use!). They have some pretty fantastic pin/post creation and automation tools too. For example, their publisher they have a built-in, brand-focused pin creation tool to help you streamline your social marketing workflow to a whole new level — it’s called *Tailwind Create.

7. Mention

Mention is amazing! Create an account, add your business’s name, save, and get notified when anyone mentions you (or someone/something very similar) via Twitter, on a public forum, etc.!

If you use Slack for internal business communication, you can direct the notices to a specific channel and have the notifications emailed.

After you start receiving notifications, make sure to read them ASAP and then reply accordingly. This tool is great for monitoring comments, shares, etc., on social media and overall reputation management!

Final Words

So there you have a few social media marketing tools to help solve some of those unrelenting marketing issues! Check out our SMO, SEO, and website optimization categories if you want more advice!

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