Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization = A Business’s Digital Self

Are you familiar with social media optimization? Have you ever wondered why a company doesn’t reply to online reviews or post business hours? SMO could be their saving grace! However, SMO isn’t limited to only those two things which is why we created this section!

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8 Considerations Before Joining a New Social Network

Joining a new social network for social media marketing isn't an easy decision. Here are 8 things to consider before you launch that new profile.
Ever wonder what else you need to consider before your business joins a new social network? Here’s your chance!

Small Business Challenge vs. Social Network

If you’ve ever had to launch a business profile on a new social network, you know its a bit nerve-wracking.

You want to make sure everything gets set up right. Profiles are complete. Images are sized appropriately. You also need to know if your branding is on par with your messaging and products.

We all know that the advantages of social media can be vast. However, the cons can sometimes outweigh the pros, depending on the social network, your target audience, and tons of other things.

So how do you know what to look out for before you make a new social media profile live?

Well, that’s what this post is all about. I’ll go over some general things that apply to any social network and also delve … Read More

Things small businesses should consider before joining a new social network.

8 Tips Before Making an Inbound Marketing Plan

8 Tips to Help Your Next Inbound Marketing Plan
If you need help creating an inbound marketing plan, feel free to use the below checklists!

Inbound Marketing Plan vs. Outbound

Did you know that when you go to improve your company’s online visibility (with social media, SEO, blogging, etc.), you’re working in the inbound marketing realm?

Outbound marketing is what marketers (mostly) did pre-internet, but some techniques still exist today. And guess what? They’re typically WAY MORE expensive than inbound strategies!

Inbound Marketing = Think social media marketing, SEO, blogging, etc.

Outbound Marketing = Think trade shows, cold-calling, snail mail, etc.

UGH! Media

Since we focus on small businesses, let’s go with the more cost-effective option — inbound marketing!

In this post, I’ll go over eight tips to consider when creating your next inbound marketing plan! Plus, I’ll include some lists to help break down the many pieces of content into more digestible bits.


Creating content for an inbound marketing plan

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Inbound Marketing Tips

Why Buying Followers and Backlinks Hurts a Website

Avoid Buying Backlinks or Followers and Do This Instead
Trying to buy “high quality” backlinks or followers is a bad idea if you’re trying to rank in search engine results!

Why you should NOT buy backlinks and followers

If you’re reading this, then you probably know a little about website ranking and backlinks, but not entirely sure how they can help one another.

You’ve also probably discovered that taking shortcuts on the above items is a bad idea. To add, the same goes for buying followers on social media!

Speaking of shortcuts (and social media), have you ever come across an ad that markets “a possible solution for a lack of social media followers?” Other examples: “Buy 1000 followers for $5!”, “Buy 1000 Backlinks for $5!”, etc.

If so, lets hope that you didn’t go for it.

If you did, then hopefully you’ve learned a lesson and are now looking for a solution.

Anyway, if you’ve already been down … Read More

Buying followers and backlinks = worst idea ever

7 Social Media Marketing Tools to the Rescue!

7 apps to get your social media marketing back on track
Which of the below tools have you tried?

Issues That Can Get Fixed with Social Media Marketing Tools

Think back to the first time you implemented social media marketing for your business. Which social media management tools did you use?

How did you do it? Did you know what exactly to do?

*sound of crickets chirping*

You probably had no clue, right?

On the other hand, if you’re new to social media marketing or if you’ve done it before but need to refresh your skills, then keep on reading!

We’ve researched, polled and cross-referenced some of the most common social media marketing issues that many small businesses face and posted them below. All you have to do is click on whichever issue(s) you’re having, and it’ll bring you to a social media marketing tool that can help!


Common Social Media Marketing Issues

Click on a problem below, and it’ll bring you to Read More

7 Tools to Help Streamline Social Media Marketing

10 Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips [+ Infographic]

10 Tips for Improving Your Social Media Marketing Strategies
Social media marketing is far from cookie-cutter. There are so many ways to approach it, which makes it a bit confusing. Below are 10 marketing strategies to help improve upon your social media campaigns.

Advanced Planning for Social Media Marketing Strategies = an Even Better Strategy

We have plans for everything else, so why not set one to streamline our future social media marketing strategies?! After all, setting processes for critical strategy elements and integrating them into tasks saves time.

Imagine what it would be like to only focus on the critical stuff and flawlessly filter out the rest?


Full disclosure, this article isn’t magic and doesn’t focus on automating anything. It’s here to help with process improvement to better plan for future social media marketing strategies.

How many times have you been at strategy meetings and it seems like everyone is looking at numbers for the first time? …Then everyone begins … Read More

Social Media Marketing Strategies Infographic

9 Common Social Media Marketing Misconceptions

Social Media Marketing Mistakes
We all make mistakes, and when it comes to social media marketing, there’s no exception.

Social Media Marketing + Business

If you’re reading this, the chances are high that you know what social media marketing entails or you’re at least starting to learn! Either way, you’ve probably realized that social marketing is a full-time job and not something that you can really…”time-hack.”

It’s time-consuming!

Ultimately, social media marketing is essential and every so often, gaining perspective on what needs to be improved is super helpful! Hence, we created the below list of 9 common social media marketing mistakes. The goal is to help you better connect with your audience (and avoid unnecessary back-tracking on future marketing efforts!)

Let’s get to it!

Click below to time-warp to a specific section:

  1. Not having a social media policy
  2. Jumping to conclusions on what works on social media vs. researching/practicing
  3. Not being flexible
  4. Dismissing technology because it’s
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9 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes