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UGH! Media Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services
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Why SMO is important

In a nutshell, Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services are a cost-effective strategy for businesses that rely on social media to help generate additional traffic to their website.

Another benefit of optimizing social profiles is to set a business further apart from its competitors! By making business profiles authentic, personalized, and professional, they help to attract more visitors!

Social Media + SEO

Did you know that social media can have a positive impact on SEO?

Consequently, social media doesn’t affect SEO directly because search engines cannot track data on certain networks and profiles.

Why is that? It’s because social media networks are closed-source vs. open-source. However, you can set up a tracking link with your search engine so you can see how visitors navigated/found a specific page on your site, even if it’s from your social media profiles, and then optimize from there!

Common Snafus

The benefits of social media marketing and optimization are vast! Furthermore, social media can increase your ability to reach new (potential) customers! However, not utilizing social platforms isn’t only doing your company a disservice, but it makes a brand look messy when profiles aren’t optimized!

For example, suppose you don’t have all of your business’s info readily available on your profile, and you haven’t taken the time to review all of the platform’s settings. In that case, there’s probably a (huge) chance that you’re not reaching an ideal demographic. Plus, you’re not making it easy for customers to find the info they want.

Think of how we all react when faced with a similar situation! So why would you put a potential customer through that?

(Small businesses don’t purposefully display cruddy social profiles. It’s because they aren’t familiar with SMO or the social media optimization services out there!)

So how do you get started?

If you haven’t created a profile yet, here’s how to choose the best social media network for your business. If you already have profiles set up, check out our blog section dedicated to Social Media Optimization (SMO)!